Motoplast receives the International Innovative State-Of-The-Art and Product Of The Year awards yet again

Association of Rotational Molders International has awarded Motoral Oy Motoplast with the Innovative-State-Of-The-Art and the Product Of The Year for 2016. The award recognizes the best innovative and collaborative development, designing and manufacturing of a rotationally molded product. The competition took place in Minneapolis, USA on September -16.

The awarded product is the noise reduction hood of a Sandvik drill rig. The development of the product began with a demand to reduce the disturbing noise directed to the surroundings of the machine under drilling operations. Plastic construction was chosen because of its high noise reduction properties and also as the added weight to the drill rig had to be kept at a minimum. Plastic gave the best possible means to design the product as well. Rotational molding of plastic was the production method of choice, as it allowed the molding of a hollow double wall structure for the hood, which resulted in added strength as well as extra noise reduction.

The over 7 meters tall noise reduction hood consists of twelve rotationally molded plastic parts which are attached both to the drill rig as well as to each other.

Rotational molding is an option which is worth while to study before the final decision regarding utility vehicle components manufacturing method is made. With rotational molding better, more economic and competitive solutions can be achieved.

Rotational Molding Hall of Fame 2018 Inductee: Reijo Strom

Reijo Strom has operated Motoral Oy, his rotomolding company outside Helsinki, for more than thirty years. During that time he has been active with ARM in North America and Nordic ARM in Scandinavia. He served twice on the ARM Board of Directors in the 1990s, on the International and Membership committees, and as a presenter of workshops and general sessions at ARM events. He sponsored annual ARM Nordic events across Scandinavia and hosted annual tours of his facilities by design students from four Finnish Universities to help promote the industry. He has helped develop innovative parts for the agricultural OEM industry serving both European and international markets as well as many products for his local Scandinavian market. Motoral Oy have won Product of the year twice in 2003 and 2009 and were instrumental in developing the cast silicone technology used for producing open holes in rotomolded parts, now known as Maus Holes.